Thursday, March 19, 2009

Universität Zeit!

Hello all,
I have officially decided not to take a university course this semester. Not only have I never taken a class with more than 120 students, but I have never had to write term papers in German. I am already a little worried about the IES (the program´s) classes being entirely in German, but this is a whole other level. Perhaps next time I am in Germany...haha
I am taking, however: History of Modern Berlin, Multicultural Berlin, Art and Architecture, Modern Drama and a German language course. I think I will have plenty on my plate come April :-)
I am working hard to improve my vocabulary (I bought a little notebook to write words and their definitions in), and I am learning to respond quicker in German in order to expedite daily conversations with my host mother, waitresses, etc. Hopefully before I leave, I will be dreaming in German!
The weather has been extremely gray, which makes us very grateful for our few sunny days. I hear it was 70 degrees in Chicago the other day?? what the hell? haha the day I left Chicago, it was in the snow.

Time to go to my academic orientation!


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