Monday, March 2, 2009

I am here

I have finally made it to Berlin. My first flight sat me in the middle seat, in between a scholarly man who slept the whole way and a nice woman who kept getting cramped by the seat in front of her. The flight attendants looked very well kept and severe, in a way that only Germans can look. The seats were funky and cutting edge looking, but very very small. I passed on the German movie selections and instead chose Vicky Christina Barcelona (not the greatest. kind of a random movie to have a narrator. Penelope Cruz was awesome though.)
After connecting through Munich, and hearing the Bavarian dialect, I flew to Berlin and took a taxi to the hostel. The city is so full of life, yet the buildings have so much history and personality. There is a lot of concrete, a lot of grafitti, and a lot of cool looking things (from statues to art to shapes of buildings.) I am looking forward to exploring this city a lot.
I am spending my first night in the hostel with Dan (who goes to Brandeis) and two girls we have already met, Erin and Sarah. I will be well rested and ready to meet my host family tomorrow :-)

Guten Nacht,

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