Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Meine neue Wohnung

Today we met the other kids on our program--- everyone seems really nice. There are a lot of people from Minnesota for some reason, but the rest are from all over the states. After our tour, we hung out and chatted while waiting for our host families to pick us up. I felt like a cross between a pet in a pet shop and a kindergartener waiting for my mom to come pick me up.
My host brother Paul picked me up. He's 19 and super nice and speaks a lot of English. That really eased my nerves a bit. Of course, before he showed up, I had images flashing of him only speaking German, and only speaking super super fast. But no, he speaks both English and German and is as sarcastic as I am, which is always good. After we took our taxi and lugged my huge bags up 3 flights of stairs, I settled into the apartment. My room is nice and big with a huge wardrobe, bookshelf, desk, and futon for guest to sleep on. After unpacking ("aufpacken" in German) my host mother came home. Her name is Ines and she is super cute-- very short and blonde. She doesn't speak any English so this will definitely be my chance to improve my German!
The neighborhood is really nice-- full of restaurants and cafes. There is a park right near my apartment, and I think the streetcar that I will take to school stops nearby as well. Paul was telling me about their new neighbors and how the area is becoming filled with young couples with a lot of money who only eat organic food and are super snobs. It kind of reminded me of the yuppies in Lincoln Park. He said they all have babies, but not as many small dogs as the yuppies. I guess you have to be thankful for the small things, haha.

All is well. I am going to get ready for bed now!
Guten Nacht.

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